Generally on Sunday I find myself alone because of holiday and I have nothing to do. So most of the time I try to keep myself busy with the something which may be either the TV show or with the pokies. Actually I visit to the casinos after getting dark but visiting regularly is not the feasible task. So to get rid of this I try out through online pokies. The good thing which I liked about this is that you will tons of suggestions and will be confused in choosing. I was also in same situation.

I was watching a TV show which was subjected to the wildlife and was showing about the life of lions. Influenced by the show I went for the search of any event which would be based on subject of the show. The game which I went for play was 50 Lions which is really awesome and while going through you will feel as if you are walking with the king of the jungle. After going through the free play I did not took a single moment to make the complete download of the full app in my android mobile and you can try this even on ipad too.

As you know that everything is fair in love and war so I went for any cheat code available but unfortunately I did not find any. For making big win in this one you will have to make the matching of the symbols in the active slots and then hitting them concurrently when it counts to three or even more. The graphics of this one is really thrilling and heart throbbing which will give the feel as if you are the king of the jungle and the sound of this one is totally based on the sound of the roar of the lion and many wildlife animals.