Cleopatra as the queen of Ancient Egypt, has long been on people’s wish list to go back in time. We’ve had this opportunity for years thanks to IGT’s Cleopatra online slot.

IGT has increased the excitement of this game by adding a Mega Jackpot version, especially for those who enjoy playing for life-changing amounts.

Mega Jackpot has all of the Cleopatra-themed payouts, but the bonuses are super-stimulated to give players a chance to win the jackpot.

It is still possible to play for different stakes, and it can be played on your favorite iOS or Android devices. You can also play it on Kindle.

Classy Cleopatra

Cleopatra liked the best of everything. Even the lettered, numbered, and scattered symbols are decorated with jewels. The Sphinx is the scatter symbol.

Jackpot Jewels

Gather the jeweled letters and numbers symbols to begin your tour of Egypt. Some explorers think that these symbols are clues leading to more considerable treasures. As many symbols as possible must be matched to receive a reward between 2 and 125% of your stake.

You can collect valuable ancient artifacts such as the All Seeing Eye symbol, Hieroglyphics, and Scarab Beetles. Five All Seeing Eyes can get you up to 250 times the stake. Five sets of Hieroglyphics are worth 400 times stake. And five Scarab Beetles will give you 750 times stake.

The bonuses are the following. If you find 5 Mega Jackpot symbols anywhere on reels, you can win up to 10,000x your stake. The symbols also substitute for any other symbol except the Scattered Sphinx and double any winning lines when they appear on that line. There is a second chance bonus that can be played after each spin. You can win the developed jackpot if you find 5 MegaJackpots in the middle line.

Keep an All-Seeing Eye on the scattered Sphinx symbols. Five can earn you up to 100x the total stake, while three or more will trigger the Cleopatra Bonus, which is 15 free games. The free games can be retriggered up to 180 times per bonus. All wins during free games are tripled.

Ancient Customs

Although this is a Mega Jackpot, IGT has kept the old custom of not requiring you to place massive bets. However, as you would expect, the more significant the stake, the greater your chances of winning. The game has 20 lines, which can all be staked differently for high-rollers and small-stakes players.

Hit The Jackpot

Cleopatra MegaJackpots offers players with all types of bankrolls the opportunity to play this fun slot. It provides excellent payouts, Mega Jackpot Bonuses, and an incredible journey. So win, lose, or draw, we think we’ve won the jackpot!
Cleopatra is one of the best-known names from Ancient History. She was the last pharaoh to rule Egypt. Cleopatra was an influential, decisive leader who ruled Egypt for over 21 years. Now, IGT has created a Cleopatra Plus online casino slot in her honor.

This 40-pay line, the 5-reel slot game, has everything a casino player could want. The game offers excellent bonuses and a fun in-play to keep players coming back again and again. There are 40 pay lines, which is a lot for the number of reels. This means that players have an excellent chance to win on every spin. Cleopatra Plus is a game that stands out from the rest. Most games only have ten pay lines.

The information toolbar will inform players of all rules and information for a pleasant in-play experience.

Beautiful Graphics

Cleopatra Plus’ reels are set against a black backdrop, which is disappointing.IGT should have used an Egyptian-style background, perhaps with a scorching sun, a desert, or pyramids. This would have enhanced the graphics as the players could immerse themselves into a slot that honors all things Egyptian. The reels are beautiful and have a highly detailed design. The colorful reels, sparkling columns, and hieroglyphs and sparkling columns make this game professional and eye-catching.

Sound effects should be on for the players. Sound effects are only heard when the player selects an icon. There is no continuous drone of noise while players play. The noise created when the spin button is pressed, and the reels start to move helps to create tension in the game. It would be best if you dusted off your headphones for this game. It will enhance the experience.

Reels are a thing of beauty

Cleopatra Plus’ paytable is dominated entirely by the queen. The icon in her honor is the highest-paying in the game. It also doubles up as a Wild symbol that gives players free spins, multiplies their payout, and prompts them to win more. We’ll get to this later. The game also features characters associated with Ancient Egypt, including hieroglyphs with different meanings. It also includes items Cleopatra had, such as a fan she used to stay calm under the hot North African Sun. Many people likely had to do this for Cleopatra.

The game’s paytable contains all the information about the payouts of each item and the number of things that must appear on a payline to qualify as a winning combination. This section informs players of the rules for this popular slot created by IGT.

It is easy to play. The ‘+/-‘ buttons beside the line and bet sections allow players to decide how much money they want to bet quickly. It is self-explanatory. Players can choose how many lines to include in their bet. The maximum bet is 40. Line bets can range from 1 to 100 cents. Multiplying these two numbers together will give you the total chance.

Bonuses Galore

Cleopatra Plus Scatter Icons can payout up to 100x the bet. 5 scatter icons are required in a single line to achieve this figure. Two of these scatter icons in a single bar will double the payout, so this feature will likely be necessary at some point in the game.

Cleopatra Bonus: Three, four, or five of these symbols, which look like the golden template of Cleopatra, will activate 15 free spins and triple your winnings.

Now is the time to have your name in history books Cleopatra Plus is an excellent game for anyone interested in Ancient Civilisation or slot games. The game has a lot of pay lines and generous bonuses. It also includes a wide variety of items in the paytable. This all helps create a casino-only game.