Last month my plan was to spend some time with my family members as I asked for 3 or 4 day leave from office and guess what my leaves are approved by the boss.

Next day I booked a taxi for Mexico, who knows that journey will end into a hospital and I have minor accident in which I got 4-5 stiches on my head.

All thanks to my mobile network which was not good as I entered the taxi then after some time I thought to give surprise to my wife but we know every time the things are not in our favor and I called to my wife that I have an urgent meeting so can’t come but I promised for the next month.

I was very bored in the house, after 1 day I was discharged from hospital and looking for something so that I can spend the 2 days of my remaining leaves then suddenly my door bell comes into play, it was my office friend and came to see me as he heard I got an accident. So he asked me for the slot game known as 5 Reel Drive

Which I have never heard before and it was looking very impressive with the name it looks like offering 5 reels.

It is the first 5 reel video slots available in micro gaming standard and also the 9 paylines but no free spins. I also checked the review of the game which I think is wonderful to collect those review in this tough competition of online casino pokies world. I enjoyed my entire time which was left with the help of 5 reel drive slot. Guts and Jackpot city are the mobile casinos which you can enjoy through 5 reel drive. Now I have downloaded this on my mobile also, so that I can enjoy this anywhere anytime.

So guys these were the golden moments how I got involved into this casino world.